A few words from me

I am Juan Manuel Armas, a Digital designer & marketer

I am a well-educated and ambitious individual with a recent background in web design and digital communication. During the last years, I have been learning Business and Marketing either by The Open University and self-tough constantly through several sources. I am a hard-working and flexible person and also can adapt to different working environments. Currently I seek a great opportunity to achieve my potential, further improve my skills and performance as a Marketer.

Design Services

Editorial / Web & mobile / Brand identity / UX & UI / Iconography / Animation / Photography

Tools I use

Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / XD / Flash / After Effects / Premiere Pro / Lightroom


Here is my background

Jun '15 - Jun '15 | The Union Agency

Freelance Digital Designer

I designed and developed banners, emails, newsletters, ads, and web designs. I also used several online tools to test the usability of designs (specially in email) such as Litmus and Aweaber.

Jan '15 - Jan '06 (different times) | Different Places

Freelance Digital Designer (Inc. volunteering)

I did some creative works for around 9 Associations (charities) and Organisations where I developed some creative skills. Posters, fliers, brochures, newsletter, ads, banners and other Graphic design and web design work involved during that time.

Nov '04 - Nov '06 | Escuela Taller Ingenio Digital (Spanish Government)

Apprenticeship Digital Designer

I designed ads, posters, logos, videos and web designs to public sector, mainly charities. Also, I did video and sound productions.

Jun '00 – Nov '04 | Asociación Talavera and Algarabía

Media Volunteer

I worked as a graphic designer and creating general promotional material for this charity.


This is how I grew up

Dec 18- Currently

Business and Marketing (The Open University)

Aug 09 - Nov 09

Social and Cultural Animation Course. (Spanish Unemployment Services)

Nov 04 - Nov 06

Digital Communication Technician (Including: web/graphic design, video production)

Nov 04 - Nov 04

Web Page Creation Course. (Spanish Unemployment Services)

Sep 00 - Jun 02

A- level

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