About me


Since 2004, Juan Manuel Armas has been working as a graphic designer after discovering a strong interest in the sector. After completing his training, he undertook an apprenticeship lasting for 2 years in which he developed and refined many skills pertaining to graphic design, web development, and audio/visual processing & manipulation. During recent years he has consolidated his education through self-study, familiarising himself how freelance web development in small business, and not-for-profit organizations. At present he is focused on acquiring knowledge and skills in marketing, blogging, and more advanced web development.

Personal profile

I am a well-educated and ambitious individual with recent background in web design and  digital communication. Through my long employment I have developed and enhanced essential and transferable skills required in web design. I demonstrate excellent knowledge of this field, including several IT languages, and I perform my work to the highest standards.  I am a hard-working and flexible person and also can adapt to different working environments. Currently I seek  a great  opportunity to achieve my potential , further improve my skills and performance as a Web Designer.

Personal Skills  

  •   Excellent IT skills and working knowledge of different applications: Photoshop CS5, Dreamweaber CC5, Flash CS5, Apache.
  •  Able to use various IT languages: CSS, Html, PHP(beginner) and Mysql, XML , Jquery and javascript.
  •  Able to operate content management systems:Jomla , Drupal, WordPress (Also other for blogs), Someones in E-commerce Prestashop and Os-commerce
  • Excellent organisational skills.
  • A fast learner.
  • Capable of multi-tasking.
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines.
  • Good at problem solving.
  • Flexible to work as part of a team or on my own initiative.
  • Easily adapted to new environments.
  • Positive attitude towards work.
  • Basic knowledges in online makerting and sales.
  • Continously learning about  IT .

Employment and Volunteer Experience                                                   

July 2011 Psoe Garachico Web designer Created a Web design and web page with CMS (wordpress) www. psoegarachico. com
Juanuary 2010 Guillermo Horta (Artist) Web Designer Created a Web design and web page with CMS www. Ghortas .com
November 2004 – November 2006 Escuela Taller Ingenio Digital –  Town Council (Tenerife, Los Silos). Digital Communication Technician ( graphic design, image and sound and web design) Created web pages; Used several IT languages, including  javascript, Html, Php. ; Worked with photoshop programmes. Also multimedia, video, graphic design, editorial design and photography projects.
                2000 – 2011. Invloved in different volunteering acitvities in Spain. I have participated in graphic design and web developement projects.



August 2009 – November 2009. Spanish Employment Services and UE. Sociocultural Animation Course.
November 2004 – November 2006. Spanish Employment Service and UE. Digital Communication Technician (Including: graphic design, image and sound).
June 2004 – August 2004 Spanish Employment Service and UE. Web Page Creation Course.
September 2000 – June 2002 I.E.S. Daute, Tenerife, Spain. Completed studies to A-level.

Hobbies and Interests

I am passionate about my profession and I am keen on developing myself in every aspect of web design, including reading relevant materials and participating in  available training initiatives. Also, I am a sociable person and like to make new friends. As a keen learner I constantly work on improving my language skills.